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What do the statuses and colors mean of my events?

In this article you can discover what your statuses and colors mean in the Dinesse Chef app. Do you have any more questions about an event, the app or about statuses? Reach out to us.

1. Open

Color: Yellow

The Open status means that the event has not yet been fulfilled. You can reply on this event with your availability and preferences. If you tap on the event, you'll land on the event page, where you can reply to the event.


Color: Red

You have indicated that you are not available for the event.

You are available

Color: Green

You have indicated that you are available for the event. We are going to check if you are the best match for the event, and you'll receive a response via e-mail or notification as soon as possible when you have been selected for the event.

As soon as you have been selected for the event, you'll see the live change of the status, and it should have changed.

2. Assigned

Color: Purple

You have been selected and are officially assigned to the event. This means that you have been assigned as chef to the event, and you should get in touch with the customer / host of the event as soon as possible.

3. Accepted

Color: Green

The event is scheduled, you can reach out to the client / host if possible, and serve a unique experience. All contact options are available in the app, you can call or e-mail the client from within the app. Information for the event is available in your dashboard. This way you'll never lose any information regarding your events and all your administration is available on a central, clear place.

4. Finished

Color: Green

You have successfully finished the event. We exchange feedback and reviews with you, once they've been made available. Furthermore, you'll have full insights into prior and future events.